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New stream information

We're glad you found this page! As mentioned in the message you heard, there are several listeners out there which are using our old legacy streams. These will all go away on April 20, 2024 so we want to steer you to the replacements before you're left in silence.
Why is this happening? We've changed to a different streaming vendor and added additional dependability to our infrastructure, as well as improved the streaming quality for our listeners. We believe we're now going to be able to serve more people in better ways with an improved service. But with change, sometimes there are bumps. Now we're trying to reach listeners who've been using our streams in non-obvious ways -- like connecting to the legacy stream URLs through bookmarks, programmed into an internet radio, perhaps even software on a TV, stereo system, or maybe just a link you've saved within some software. We need you to update your link(s) to keep hearing our stations!  
STREAMS -- The OLD ones

streamguys URL highlighted

To try to avoid confusion by listing links to old streams, please just look at your stream URL. If it has a streamguys in it, then it's old and will be turned off.

You will have to replace them with the following stream URLs:
STREAMS -- The NEW ones
You can replace the legacy URL with any of these:
The difference between AAC and MP3 streams is the method used to encode them, called the codec. The modern codec is AAC which is what we use on our sites, apps and through NPR platforms. It's more efficient and to many people just sounds better even though it doesn't use the same amount of bandwidth.

Not knowing how you're using the legacy URL, you're going to have to manually type, enter, search or maybe copy/paste the desired station(s) into your device(s) to get them to work again. You're welcome to use the form below to share with us how or where you're listening.

If you're connecting to an old stream on one of our websites, you likely just have to clear your browser's cache. How? Look in your browser's settings or preferences, typically under Privacy or Tools. Some browsers let you delete the cache just for a single site (, and are ours) or you can opt to purge everything. Here's a guide for some browsers.
You can find additional direct URLs to all our streams, including HD channels, under the Links to All Our Stream Types section on our How To Listen page. It also further explains the differences.
Thanks for listening to KUT and KUTX on whichever digital platforms you prefer. And thank you for making this change the old school way.

Alexa info
We have asked both TuneIn and Sonos to update our streams asap since they haven't yet. If Alexa is not delivering, it's because she's connected to TuneIn by default.

Please try this phrasing for KUT:
First, please try: "Alexa, ask NPR to play KUT."

If that doesn't work, here are other phrases that have worked for many listeners: "Alexa, play KUT FM from iHeart Radio" or "Alexa, play KUT FM from NPR" By adding the 'from ...' part, you're steering Alexa to a source we know is working.

You can also simply say, "Alexa, play NPR" and you will trigger the actual NPR skill and by guided to KUT in a couple of steps.

Please try this phrasing for KUTX:
First, please try: "Alexa, ask NPR to play KUTX."

If that doesn't work, here are other phrases that have worked for many listeners: "Alexa, play KUTX FM from iHeart Radio" or "Alexa, play KUTX 98 point 9 FM from iHeart Radio" or even "Alexa, play The Austin Music Experience FM from iHeart Radio." By adding the 'from ...' part, you're steering Alexa to a source we know is working.

Some listeners have had trouble getting KUTX specifically because of our HD channels being similarly named. Please try variations of these suggestions. Thanks!

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