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Learn More About The Balcones Fault Line

Mount Bonnell Marker in Austin
Caleb Bryant Miller for KUT News
Mount Bonnell Marker in Austin

Japan Continues to deal with the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that destroyed whole towns, left more than ten thousand dead and crippled a nuclear facility in Fukushima.

Japan sits on the notorious “ring of fire”, which follows the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Earthquakes are almost commonplace for countries on the ring of fire, where there have been 20 temblors larger than 4.1 in 2011 alone.

Central Texas also sits on a fault line. It’s called the Balcones Fault. But there’s little to compare it to the ring of fire. At least in modern times.

Click on interactive animation link to learn more about the Balcones Fault.