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Gay Marriage Campaign in Texas Points to Republicans for Support

Texas for Marriage
Texas for Marriage is a new campaign from Freedom to Marry and Equality Texas that promotes support for same-sex marriage in Texas.

Gay-rights advocacy organizations Freedom to Marry and Equality Texas are teaming up to build support for same sex marriage in Texas.

Their campaign is called Texas for Marriage. It’s a grassroots effort to get volunteers in Texas spreading support for same-sex marriage – including Republicans.

"We now have two-thirds of the states who now have state laws and major businesses supporting marriage equality sends a major signal that it’s time to get on board," says Mark McKinnon, a Texas chair for the Freedom to Marry coalition and a former advisor to George W. Bush. "My message to my fellow conservatives is if you believe in freedom and limited government and strong families, you should support marriage equality."

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to hear oral arguments in a case in January that struck down the state’s ban. Depending on how the appeals court rules, the U.S. Supreme Court may take up the case.

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