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An in-depth look at Texas gas stations – past, present and future

Alyssa Olvera
Texas Standard

Gas stations are part of everyday life in Texas. We don't think twice about what part they play in keeping Texans on the move, much less what they might tell us about who we are, and where the road ahead might take us with changes to our environment, our infrastructure, our communities – our way of life.

There are more than 11,000 of them scattered across the state – along major highways and tiny backroads alike, they fuel up long haul trucks, hungry commuters and sometimes whole communities. In some ways, the gas station is the backbone of our economy and the center of conversation and community. In other ways, they're a blight on the landscape and, many feel, a soon-to-be anachronism.

The Texas Standard's producers and reporters hit the road to bring you an in-depth report on gas stations' history and prominence in our state, from pricing to transportation infrastructure to the future of electric vehicles.

Pumped: Food, fuel and the future of Texas is an exploration of an often-overlooked staple of our life. We'll bring you stories from the past, as well as introduce you to folks from communities around Texas whose lives have been shaped in some ways by gas stations: