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For This Muslim Student, the Travel Ban Is an Opportunity to Educate About Islam

Gabriel Cristóver Pérez/KUT News
Student Suhaib Shah in front of Austin Peace Academy - an Islamic School in Austin.

A federal appeals court last week refused to reinstate President Trump’s travel ban, which temporarily bars travel from seven majority-Muslim countries. The ban is still on the minds of students and teachers at Austin Peace Academy, though.

Suhaib Shah is a junior at the K-12 Islamic private school in East Austin. His parents immigrated to the United States from Pakistan. The family moved to Austin from Garland, Texas, a few years ago. 

"We can't really be fighting these people who are afraid with hate," Shah says. "If you're going out and protesting and just hating Trump, saying, 'I hate Trump. We gotta get him out of the presidency,' that's the circle that will just lead forever into a paradox of immense hate," Shah says. "Because if he is hating other people and you hate him, where's the solution?"

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