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Austin Releases More 'User-Friendly' Map Listing Affordable Housing

Gabriel C. Pérez

The City of Austin has released a new comprehensive map of housing for low- and middle-income residents.

The digital map, known as the Affordable Housing Listing, shows an array of income-restricted housing units subsidized or incentivized by the city.

Erica Leak, acting assistant director of Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Department, says the city has been working to make the listing more accessible.

“For a couple of years now, we have had a list of the affordable units available on the city’s Open Data Portal," she says, "but it’s been in a not-so-user-friendly format.”

The map links to each development’s website and describes properties (i.e., single-family or multi-units) and housing type (senior living, student living, etc.). Leak says more features will be added with the help of the nonprofit Austin CityUp Consortium.

“We don’t yet have a way to show whether any units are vacant at this time, so that’s actually our next step,” Leak says.

The city says the listing will be updated regularly.

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