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Why Fredericksburg Could Be In For a Great Peach Crop This Year

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Fredericksburg peach trees are just starting to bloom, and growers in the Hill Country are cautiously optimistic about this year’s crop.

The cool weather early in the year that can lead to especially sweet peaches also can ruin them if there’s a cold snap too late in the season.

So until the threat of frost is gone, Roger Crenwelge of Crenwelge Peaches isn’t quite ready to say that this year’s blooms will lead to a “great” year, like 2010.

“The crop right now looks like it’s okay, but until we get through all these hazards, I guess you might say, we’re not exactly sure how big the crop will be,” Crenwelge said.

Cooler weather is in the forecast heading into next week, but so far, not cold enough to damage the peach crop.

I'm a freelance writer for the Austin American Statesman and others.