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Industry Leader: Texas Businesses Can't Find Qualified Applicants

Lizzie Chen for KUT News

Texas Association of Business president Bill Hammond testified in the ongoing school finance trial yesterday, saying that Texas businesses can’t find applicants that have the academic and professional skills required. Hammond says that the most educated segment of Texas’ workforce is the soon-to-be retired.

"There aren't nearly as many coming behind in terms of sheer numbers and when you add to that the fact that they’re less well-educated, we have a looming major problem," said Hammond.

More than 600 school districts have sued the state, claiming that public education funding is inadequate. But Hammond says that funding isn’t the problem. He says Texas’ education system is not efficient enough for its students and their eventual employers

"The Texas Constitution calls for an efficient public school system," said Hammond. "We would like to see more competition introduced through more choices for students and parents."

The trial is now in its final weeks as attorneys attempt to define what qualifies as the “most efficient” way to spend money on public schools.

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