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Officials: Restored State Education Cuts Won't Help AISD

KUT News

AISD's Chief Finance Officer, Nicole Conley, presented a revised proposed $879 million  budget for the next fiscal year Monday night.

She said although Texas public schools may be getting $3.9 billion dollars restored from the $5.4 billion state lawmakers cut in 2011, AISD isn’t expecting much of a benefit locally from the partial funding restoration. 

“Unfortunately we will receive no significant relief from state actions. This is only a fraction of the 60 million that was cut from the last legislature session," Conley said.  

The district will get a little less than $11 million dollars. Texas lawmakers have approved the budget, which is waiting for Gov. Rick Perry’s signature.

Conley presented a revised budget to the Austin School Board Monday. She estimates AISD will have to send $116 million back to the state under the recapture law. It’s a law that requires property-wealthy districts to send money to the state to redistribute to poorer districts.  Austin is considered a wealthy district.

Increased student enrollment could be a source of new funds, except that AISD isn’t expecting a large increase.

“The revised budget assumes a new increase of 246 students, it accounts for projected losses due to charters and projected increases in our Pre-K population," Conley said.

The budget estimates the district will lose 400 students to charter schools next year. It’s expected to have a $30 millon shortfall. That's different from the preliminary budget, which estimated a $45 million shortfall. The district plans to use reserves to make up the difference.  

Conley will present the recommended budget to the board in August. 

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