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Austin Falls Behind San Marcos In Multifamily Recycling

Image courtesy cote

If you were asked which Central Texas city was offers the best recycling service, what would your answer be? If you answered Austin, then you could be wrong.

As of February 1st, San Marcos residents living in multifamily units will become the first in Central Texas  to receive a single-stream recycling service. Single-stream recycling allows residents to mix recyclable paper, aluminum cans, glass and plastic in one 90-gallon bin.  Each apartment unit in San Marcos will be billed an extra $5.53 a month for the weekly service.

Last November, Austin revised its Universal Recycling Ordinance which will require commercial and multifamily properties to recycle. The ordinance will be phased in over the next four years. It will require over 4,500 properties to recycle by October 2015.

Austin City Council will review the existing rules in a public meeting at the end of next month to discuss the implementation and enforcement of the ordinance.