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Fixing Leaky Toilets to Conserve Water

Photo by KUT News.
An Austin plumbing company wants to save the city 3-million gallons of water every month, one toilet flapper at a time.

An Austin-based plumbing company is taking on an ambitious job to battle the ongoing drought. Radiant Plumbing says it can save the city three million gallons of water per month. It plans on doing this by replacing one thousand leaky toilet flappers for free. Sarah Casebier is one of Radiant Plumbing's co-owners.

“If we wanted to do something that makes a difference, there’s not a lot of things that a plumber can do," she told KUT News. "But this is something we can do.”

Casebier says the plan was inspired by this summer’s devastating drought. She says a toilet with a leaking flapper can lose up to two hundred gallons of water a day. The company will offer its free installation service to the first thousand residents to respond.