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Former VP Al Gore on 'The Future'

courtesy Random House

We’re sitting on the edge of a massive global transformation.

Soon robots, globalization, consumption and pollution will all intersect to create a world that’s unlike anything humanity has every known. That’s according to former Vice President Al Gore’s new book, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.

Terrence Henry of StateImpact Texas spoke with Gore about the book and topics including the effects of fracking on climate change.

Here is the other problem. When methane leaks during the fracking process, each molecule of methane is more than 70 times as powerful as CO2 in trapping heat, and that means you wouldn’t have to have that much of the methane leak into the atmosphere, before you completely wipe out the advantages of having less CO2. So these challenges are real, they have to be addressed, and I think that we need more regulation, as George Mitchell says.

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