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Call the Midwife: Natural Childbirth Available at Seton Medical Center

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Women can now give birth with the guidance of a certified midwife at Seton Medical Center in Austin.

Austin women looking for a natural childbirth now have another option: they can give birth at Seton Medical Center with the guidance of a midwife.

Today, Seton announced a collaboration with the Austin Area Birthing Center welcoming certified nurse midwives into the delivery room.  

Some women want to give birth with little medical intervention – but sometimes complications arise, requiring a hospital delivery. Others want the guidance of a midwife – but prefer the peace of mind a being in a hospital. Now, this is possible at Seton Medical Center.

Midwife deliveries had been allowed at Seton years ago, until a rule change; prior to Seton's announcement, St. David's North Austin Medical Center was the only regional hospital allowing midwife deliveries.      

"Over the last several years, there’s been an increase nationally in women requesting alternate birthing experiences and there's a slightly higher percentage of those patients in the Austin community," says Dr. John Gianopoulos, president and CEO of perinatal programs for the Seton Healthcare Family. "And so the opportunity to offer midwifery service within our programs was something that was attractive to our strategy team."

So far, three midwives from the Austin Area Birthing Center have received hospital admitting privileges. 

Correction: This post has been clarified to note that midwife hospital deliveries are also offered at St. David's North Austin Medical Center, and that Seton allowed midwife deliveries years ago.

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