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Austin Children's Museum Moving to Mueller

Have you ever seen a dizzy golf ball? 

The Austin Children's Museum assures you will. The museum is dedicated to what they call informal learning; one exhibit, called "Ready, Set, Roll," teaches children about physics by sending golf balls through all manner of gravity-defying courses.

The Austin Children's Museum is expanding their facilities. Today, its leaders broke ground at their new location in the Mueller development in central east Austin. 

New exhibits will focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, highlighting hands-on interactive learning. The museum will also encourage activity, with the grounds featuring interactive outdoor elements.

Another one of the museum’s goals is inclusion. It will feature a "face wall," where visitors' photographs, taken upon their entry into the museum, are blended together to make up one image.

And let’s not forget parking: The museum's board of directors touted open parking on site, something visitors might be hard-pressed to find downtown.

The museum hopes that with the new facility, parents will participate in play with their children.

"It’s no longer a place where just kids come and just play while parents sit back,” says museum board president Rosalind George. “It’s a place now where parents are learning alongside their children, and we take that for granted, we think that happens a lot."

George says the interactive learning that children will find at the museum will supplement their work in school. "But what the school systems do not do, the Austin Children’s is actually doing," George says. "It’s informal learning.” 

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