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SXSW Filmmaker Spotlight: Austin's Kat Candler Explores Consequences in 'Hellion'

Austin-based writer/director Kat Candler’s star continues to rise. Her short film “Black Metal” attracted the attention of critics and her feature film “Hellion” premiered at Sundance.

“Hellion” is also screening at South by Southwest Film. It's about a father and two sons struggling to deal with a recent death and the consequences of their poor choices in reaction to it.

KUT talked with Candler about her latest film:

On a Young Cast Member's Comment That Candler Thinks Like a 12-Year-Old Boy:

"I love the fact that he said that. I was reading that in the press notes and I was like, 'Oh my god, I kind of am a 12-year-old in a however old body that I am.' I totally appreciate that and I think that's probably why I gravitate towards youth characters. Pretty much almost everything that I do involves kids in one way or another or family."

On Casting Aaron Paul (of "Breaking Bad" fame):

"I saw him in "Smashed," James Ponsoldt's movie in a theatre at the Violet Crown. It was after seeing that and seeing just the honesty and the authenticity of his performance that I got really excited as we were kind of exploring actors to play this role. And my husband was like, ' You need to go back and watch "Breaking Bad."' And so watching "Breaking Bad" coupled with the performance in "Smashed" I was really impressed and excited to see him do something he'd never done before."

On Telling Dark Stories:

"I think it's things that fascinate me most are the darker times in our lives and it's just more interesting to me. I don't want to make movies about really awesome things happening all the time because that's kind of boring."

On Screening "Hellion" at SXSW:

"I'll start crying... Playing at South by, playing in Austin, playing in Texas is bringing the film home. It's sharing everybody's work with them, with our friends, with our family. It's like, 'Look you guys, this is what we all did. Be proud, because you did good.'"

Click on the player below to hear an extended interview with Candler:

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