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A'Lante Presents Flamenco 'Prophecies'


This weekend, A’Lante Flamenco will present Prophecies, a music and dance production inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s 1923 book The Prophet.   

The book, a collection of poetic essays, addressed many of the issues of the day, as the residents of a village asked a foreign prophet for his insights on the human condtion. While many of those issues remain just as relevant 90 years after the book's publication, and are addressed in the show, the creative minds of A'Lante (husband and wife artistic partners Olivia and Isai Chacon) decided to tackle some more modern questions as well, such as negotiating friendship in the age of social media.

A'Lante will present Prophecies this weekend, and they're also looking forward to April, when they'll debut their next show, Desplazados, at the Off Center.

See Prophecies at the Boyd Vance Theater at the Carver Center this weekend.

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