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April is National Poetry Month, a time when we celebrate poetry and recognize how it has shaped American culture. This year, KUT is participating in National Poetry Month by sharing poems written by students in the Blank Page creative writing programs at Kealing and Fulmore Middle Schools and the Writers' Workshop at Rawson Saunders School. You can read the and listen to the poems here, and you can also listen to the poems read on KUT 90.5 FM throughout the month of April.

Ideal Ideas

Read by Ebony Stewart

You can reach for the stars

But you’re lacking in a couple miles.

You can strive to be first on Mars

But your youth barricades the path with trials.

Pioneering the way,

They say,

Isn’t a task for the juniors.

Developing things unwritten -


Restricted from stoking the future.

We have ingenious ideas,

But those ideas are stifled by elders.

Who’s to say puerility can’t debut?

But it’s rendered futile by the mentors.

Society declares:

Without compare

Adults are the supreme dictators!

Children are cast out

Isolated to pout

In the condemnation of the greater.

But then again, without kids,

Just how much would we lose?

Toys, books, movies, schools - but it’s

Never the children’s decision to choose. 

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