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Here Are All 140 of Austin's 2017 Tiny Desk Contest Videos

Not everyone can be a winner. 

That's unfortunately true of Austinites' submissions to NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest this year – none of you won. This year's champion is New Orleans' Tank and the Bangas. But don't let that get you down. Some of y'all got a lot of love from Bob Boilen and crew on the Tiny Desk Contest's Tumblr page – which is something, as there were more than 6,000 entries. 

So, as a consolation prize, we decided to collect every single entry from Austin – all 140 of them. 

Batty Jr.

Dominique ( aka ~ Mariposa ) Garcia

The Wandering Distance

Chris Kelly


James Keith ft. Caleb Hans

Marjorie Halloran


Duane Mark

Emily Scott Robinson

Shanzyan ft. Skip Hobbie

Shawn Howard

Rochele & the Sidewinders

Nick Vittas

Candace Bellamy Band

Aaron Mattley

Bottlecap Mountain

Out of Place

The Mild West

Esther Garcia

Nick Wallisch


Matt Read and Chris McQueen

These Mad Dogs of Glory

Taylor Roulette

Stuart Roholt

Emily Laird

Voodoo Boogaloo

Melissa Engleman

Mandy Sloan

Rick Hornyak


The Texas K.G.B.

Tody Castillo

Jen Zava

Drew Fischels

Tish Hinojosa

Anna Carow

Charley Moss

Krysti Subieta

Michael Dillard Band

Donut Musik

Flechaus and the Thresholds

Solid State Dream Suit

The Channel

Lexi Cardenas

These Fine Moments

Josiah Lee Butler

Outside Dogs

Danny Cohen

Lady Jams

The Eric Bee

Calliope Musicals

The Wild Now


Son of Cormack

Runaway Jane

Richard Watson

F.D.Robot and the World War Two

Benjamin Gerzik

Jeff Keen


Kiko Villamizar


Selmer’s Arch

Nick Biller

Bret Coats

Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures


Courtney Santana

Andy Barham

Josh Luckenbach

Como Las Movies

Much 2 Much

Craig Marshall

Circling Drones

Lilabela Suncity

Hanna Barakat

Justin Stewart

Jenny Parrott

Seth Ransom Osborn & the Saguaro Canyon Ballroom Band

Pocket Sounds


Man of Dogs

Aubrey Hays

Ben Morgan


Che Baroch

Jess Ledbetter

Tje Austin

Jim Halfpenny

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

Colton Chapman

Jake Busby

Chill Russell

Penn Johnson

Trouble in the Streets

Reddening West



The Rustic Belles

Christopher Van Loan Sr.

Hardcore Sex

Jane Ellen Bryant

The Shake Wells

Kate Howard

Scrambled Yeggs

Texassippi Soul Man Danny Brooks & Lil Miss Debi

Brandon Hughes

Thousand Million

Anthony Garcia

Ley Line

Beija Flor

Whalen Nash


Austin’s Own Aging Musicians


Hayley Armstrong

Russ Glenn

Ryan Morris

The Sacred Hearts

Sour Bridges

Da’Shade Moonbeam

Cass Brostad



Hill Country Ramblers

Mean Gene W Jr.

El Cento

Oh Antonio and His Imaginary Friends

Dominic Solis

The Davis Fuhry

Mina Soto



Little Red and the Riffs

Turner Lee

Wharf Rat

Brand New Key

The Dirty River Dixie Band