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The Best Songs Ever ... This Week, March 22, 2019

Gabriel C. Pérez
Yola performs at the KUTX showcase at the Four Seasons during SXSW this month.

The staff at our sister station KUTX scour the earth to bring listeners the best music. Each Friday, they share three of their favorite songs on Morning Edition.

"Darwin Derby" by Vulfpeck

Vulfpeck are a homegrown band from Michigan that have eschewed record labels and instead raised their own profile with a serious and successful DIY ethic. It helps that they are one of the funkiest bands alive – and their bass player, Joe Dart, is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Here’s their new super funk jam, “Darwin Derby.”

"I Wanna Keep Yr Dog" by Illuminati Hotties

Next up is Sarah Tudzin, better known as Illuminati Hotties. She made quite an impression last week at SXSW and for good reason: Her songs are intelligent, infectious and blaze along at a punk rock pace while providing hooks just about every 30 seconds. "I Wanna Keep Yr Dog" is about how she liked her boyfriend’s dog more than the boyfriend.

"Faraway Look" by Yola


Finally we have an artist that brought down the house at KUTX Live at the Four Seasons during SXSW: Yola. She’s primarily been a background singer for most of her life, mainly with Massive Attack. Her debut record, produced by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, is a throwback to classic Nashville but the twist is she has an otherworldly voice. Yola is no longer 20 feet from stardom. Check out "Faraway Look."

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