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Welcome To Our New Website

Screenshot of the homepage
A screenshot of the new version of

If you go to this Wednesday, Nov. 18, you'll notice a few new things.

For example, our homepage has a new layout that allows us to highlight important stories and contextualize them in thematic blocks. We also now offer a persistent player that allows you to keep listening to a story even after you leave a page to go to another part of our website. And if you have noticed the beautiful images and videos that accompany our stories, you'll love our new visual displays.

Our distinctive font has changed, as well as the location of the share buttons (they are now on the right side on top of the main image of the story). We now have a short summary or description on top of stories to highlight key information, and we are including a link to the biographical pages of all of our reporters, producers and editors at the bottom.

Some other changes happened behind the scenes: Our new website is faster to load and has improved SEO capabilities. It'll allow us to be nimbler in times of breaking news with the ability to have two or more people collaborating on a story simultaneously. We have a better internal search engine that makes it easier for us to curate the related links we present in our stories. We can easily embed different types of content to enrich our stories, from several audio pieces to data visualizations.

Not everything is different. You'll find the same navigation bar on top that you are used to, as well as the same main sections. If you like to listen to us from your computer, access to all of our streams, including KUT 90.5 FM, KUT HD2 BBC World News, our sister station KUTX and KUT HD2, remains at the top right corner. And our commitment to provide you accurate, fair and nonpartisan journalism remains our reason for being.

I know some of you might groan and say, "Why did they have to go and mess with the site I'm used to?" And I understand why you would think that. It has been a year full of adjustments and difficult changes for everybody. Yet we believe that, in the end, the benefits for you will outweigh any inconvenience.

So I invite you to come and check out our new digital home. Read our stories and use that persistent player (isn't that a fancy name?) while you hop around . Look at the improved format to display photos, videos and galleries. In other words, make yourself comfortable. And send us your feedback and comments to

Teresa Elena Frontado is a former executive editor of KUT and the Texas Standard.