Jack Morgan

Jack Morgan has spent 35 years in electronic media, doing both television and radio.

In his mid-20s, Jack was known as Robbin Banks at two San Angelo FM stations, but the bulk of his career has been spent at PBS stations in Austin (KLRU), Orlando (WMFE), Vermont Public Television, and San Antonio's KLRN.

At KLRN he spent five years as director of production, where he was responsible for three hour-long programs with the San Antonio Symphony. Jack was also responsible for KLRN's ARTS program during its startup, and co-produced Texas Week With Rick Casey.


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Si le cuesta ver algo remotamente gracioso sobre la crisis de COVID-19, hemos encontrado algo que al menos podría darle una o dos sonrisas inesperadas. El autor es Rafael Gonzales, Jr., cuya carrera profesional no es muy divertida.

"Soy director de laboratorio en una universidad local," dijo Gonzales.

If you're having a hard time seeing anything remotely funny about the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve found something that might at least give you an unexpected smile or two. It comes from Rafael Gonzales, Jr., whose career work isn't terribly humorous.