Lizzie Chen

Photography intern

Lizzie Chen is a photography intern at KUT News as part of our partnership with She is currently a student at the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

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People from all around Central Texas gathered at Austin City Hall on October 6 as part of a growing nationwide demonstration that began as a demonstration in New York City called Occupy Wall Street. People who attended the mass demonstration are protesting against what they say is the corrupting influence of money on American politics. Protestors plan on staying indefinitely, with demonstrations continuing around the clock.

Here are the faces of some of the firefighters who have been working overtime to quell the Union Chapel fire in Cedar Creek. Some of them stayed on the job for 60 hours.

Their efforts were ultimately successful. The fire is now 90 percent contained and people are being allowed to return to their property. Unfortunately, the wildfire destroyed 28 homes.

Photo Courtesy by Texas Department of Transportation

The Texas Transportation Commission announced John Barton to be TxDOT's interim executive director. Barton's appointment takes into effect on September 1.

Barton also serves as Assistant Executive Director for Engineering Operations and currently have over 25 years of experience from TxDOT.  He was responsible for the management and control of several projects and programs including Aviation, Bridge, Design, Environmental Affairs, Rail and Research & Technology Implementation Office.