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New Letter to Texas Senators: No Really, Hands Off Rainy Day Fund

Picture courtesy The Texas Tribune
Senate Budget Writer Steve Ogden is still trying to get the votes he needs to bring the budget up in the Senate

Conservative groups that aren't happy with the Senate's budget proposal delivered letters today reminding lawmakers that they don't want ANY of the Rainy Day fund used.

The letter from Texans for a Conservative Budget is actually a reminder of a 2009 letter that told lawmakers to not use any of the Rainy Day fund - unless: "the alternative is higher taxes or essential-program cuts."

Higher taxes aren't being seriously contemplated by the legislature's Republican majority. But there are Senate Republicans who think the House version of the budget does cut essential programs. Which is why Senators added $12 billion more to their budget.

Senate budget writer Steve Ogden (R-Bryan) is still trying to cobble together enough votes to bring the bill up for debate. Remember the Senate needs 21 lawmakers(2/3rds) to vote in favor of bringing a bill up for debate. Democrats think the bill still cuts too much and have not supported it. Some Republicans don't like the idea of spending the Rainy Day fund and have not supported it.

Governor Rick Perry says he wants none of the fund spent in the state's next budget. Budget writers in the House don't think they have the votes to spend any of the fund.

You can read the full letter below.

TCB Letter to Senators

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