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Listen: Voters Head to the Polls on Election Day

Gabriel Cristóver Pérez
A line of voters outside the University Co-Op in West Campus.

It's Election Day. Voters headed to the polls in record numbers in Travis County and across Texas. 

To capture some of the Election Day catharsis, we decided to ask some voters about their experience, what issues were most important to them on the ballot and how they feel at the end of this long election cycle.

Bianca Davis

Credit Syeda Hasan/KUT

North Austin resident Bianca Reynolds cast her vote at the Austin Community College Highland Mall campus. 

She said she voted with her 7-year-old daughter in mind, her top priorities being the education system and continued access to health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.  

Tanner O'Brien and Marc Maddox

Credit Syeda Hasan/KUT
Tanner O'Brien (left) and Marc Maddox (right).

Tanner O’Brien voted early last week at Fiesta Mart on I-35, but he accompanied Marc Maddox to the polls at ACC Highland Mall on Election Day.

Both voted down-ballot for Democratic candidates.

Maddox doubts whether his vote will have any influence on the presidential race, and he said he’s more focused on “shifting the balance” by electing progressive candidates to local office. 

Marc Maddox spoke with KUT's Syeda Hasan on Election Day.

Michael Reynolds

Credit Syeda Hasan/KUT

North Austin resident Michael Reynolds doesn’t identify with any one political party.

He chose not to vote for a presidential candidate this election, saying he split his votes fairly evenly between Democratic, Republican and third party candidates.

Reynolds said he had no trouble casting his ballot at ACC Highland Mall and was in and out within five minutes. 

Michael Reynolds spoke with KUT's Syeda Hasan on Election Day.

Kevin McDonnell

Kevin McDonnell spoke with KUT's Mose Buchele on Election Day at the ACC Highland Campus

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook spoke with KUT's Mose Buchele on Election Day at ACC's Highland Campus.

Cassie Tremant
Julio Batista

Julio Batista spoke with KUT's Mose Buchele at the ACC Highland Mall campus.

Kandis Easley

Kandis Easley spoke with KUT's Audrey McGlinchy at a polling place in Manor.