'Your Brain Is In Tune': This Austin Chorus Is Made Up Of People With Memory Loss And Caregivers

Nov 22, 2019

Millions of Americans — mostly seniors — are living with Alzheimer's or other diseases that cause memory loss. But there's one part of the brain that often isn't affected: the part that stores musical memory. 

Earlier this year, two Austinites started a new chorus specifically for people in the early stages of memory loss, their caregivers and volunteers. It's part of a nationwide trend of choruses aimed at keeping the joy of music in the lives of people who are losing their memory.

On Saturday, the Love Notes Chorus will perform for the first time at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in North Austin. Find details here.

Reporter Michelle Dahlenburg spent some time with organizers and members of the Love Notes Chorus. Listen to her story in the player below.