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StoryCorps is returning — virtually this time — to Austin. The StoryCorps Military Voices Initiative invites you to honor a veteran in your life by listening to their stories. Recordings will run from June 14 - 25, and reservations can be made here.StoryCorps’ Military Voices Initiative is made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

After Losing the Loves of Her Life, Jan Phillips Started Helping Others Overcome Grief

Courtesy of Hospice Austin
Jan Phillips (left) and Nancy McCranie (right)

This week we’re partnering with Hospice Austin and StoryCorps to hear stories of loss – from people who have died and people who’ve lost someone close to them.

We hear from Jan Phillips, a grief therapist for Hospice Austin. Before coming to work for Hospice, Jan lost both her husband to cancer and her son to an accident.

She’s interviewed here by her friend and colleague Nancy McCranie.

After her son’s accident, Jan and her husband, Marty, eventually adopted two children from Samoa, the same part of the world where their son died. Just a few years later, Marty became ill with cancer.

“You have to make a conscious effort to survive grief,” she said. “You have to get up in the morning, put one foot in front of the other, and lean on people.”

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