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You Make Public Radio Work!

Thank you for pledging to KUT

While our membership drive is an intense period of activity around the station, it's also an important reminder of our special connection to the community and why so many of us have chosen to work in public media.

When you support KUT and KUTX it's an expression of trust in our ability to engage audiences in Austin civic life and our reflection of the Austin Music Experience. When people call in their pledge or donate online, many of them share comments about the role KUT and KUTX play in their daily lives.

Listener comments remind us why we do what we do each and every day. So keep those comments coming by calling (512) 471-6291 or by donating online.

"I work at an emergency shelter for foster teens. I'm 23 andKUT keeps me up to date on current events, which helps me be an informed advocate for my clients! Thanks KUT!" "Long time listener, first time supporter. We usually have KUTX on all day at our house and my 2-year-old son loves the music." "I love the local reporting! Matt L, Ben P, Mose B, etc etc. And when I get to hear them on the national NPR feed I get a swell of hometown pride! Go KUT Go!" "Haven't touched the dial since I set it to 98.9! Love Fridays with 'Old School Dance Party' and 'Left of the Dial.' And Sunday mornings in the shop with Jay and Jody? Perfect!"

We're about halfway through the drive and so far the community has contributed nearly $350,000 toward our fall membership drive. Thank you to all the individuals, Leadership Circle members and business circle members. We can't do this without you!