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Statement On KUTX's Erroneous Inclusion On List Of Businesses Opposing Paid Sick Leave

On Feb. 16, during the Austin City Council public comment regarding the proposed ordinance requiring private employers to provide paid sick leave for their workers, a list of businesses opposing the ordinance was read aloud. It included KUTX. 

This was erroneous.

As a state agency, we are prohibited from taking an official position on political issues. Moreover, we are a journalistic enterprise and would never take a position on an issue like this.

We’ve received calls and emails from listeners regarding the inclusion of Susan Castle and KUTX on the Austin Independent Business Alliance list of businesses against the proposed Paid Sick Leave Policy.

To be clear, Susan Castle neither recalls signing a petition, nor taking a public stand on this issue, and she is perplexed that her name – and KUTX – was included on the AIBA list.

We’ve contacted the AIBA requesting that they remove Susan and KUTX from their list.

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