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2023 Year-End Giving

Thank you for your generosity. We are looking forward to serving you in 2024!

We will be closed for the holidays, from December 23 - January 1, but we will be checking email and will be available by phone at 512-475-6100 on December 28 and 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Q. If I make a donation now can I get a tax benefit for 2023?

A. All donations by credit card and electronic bank withdrawal must be processed by December 31 to receive tax benefits for 2023. Please submit your donation online today or before December 31 to ensure your donation will count for 2023. To make a donation by phone, call 512-471-6291. All checks must be postmarked in 2023.

For other tax-savvy end-of-year gift ideas, see our Top 5 Year-End Gift Ideas.

KUT is part of The University of Texas at Austin, so our EIN is 74-6000203.

If your gift must go through a 501c3, then it should be sent to the UT Foundation whose EIN is 74-1587488.

Q. I want to send you a check but I’m afraid it won’t get there by the end of the year.

A. If the check is postmarked in the year 2023, then it will count toward your 2023 taxes. Any gift by credit card must be charged by December 31. If you want to ensure your credit card is charged in time, please submit your donation online by clicking here.

Please mail your checks to
300 W. Dean Keeton St. Stop A0704
Attn: Membership
Austin, TX 78712-1061

Q. If I contact the CARS Donation Program will I get a tax benefit in 2023?

A. If you contact CARS at 877-KUT-4-CAR or 877-588-4227 at any time during the 2023 year, you may use the donation as a potential deduction for 2023. Your car does not have to be picked up in 2023 nor does it have to be sold in 2023. As long as you have been in contact with a CARS representative in 2023 your car may be used as a tax donation for 2021. Find out more by clicking this link: Car Donation.

Q. Can you send me a tax receipt?

A. Tax receipts will be sent in January 2024. If we have your email on file, we will email a copy. If we do not have your email address on file, then we will mail it via USPS. Members can also access their tax receipt through our online member portal.

Q. What does Fair Market Value mean?

A. The fair market value is the price of a thank you gift had it been sold instead of given. To calculate the deductible amount of your gift, subtract the fair market value of a gift from the amount you donated. When we mail your tax receipt, we will include the fair market value of any thank you gift(s) over the IRS Token Value that you requested and subtract it from your donation leaving you with your total tax-deductible contribution for 2023.

Q. I'm a current Program Sponsor. What was my total for 2023?

A. Please contact Pam Power at or your sponsorship representative.

Any other questions? See the following page:
Membership FAQ