Texas National Guard

Major General Tracy Norris, with the National Guard, speaks to the media during a news conference on coronavirus last month.
Gabriel C. Pérez / KUT

Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that he is activating the Texas National Guard in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak in the state, which had at least 76 positive cases as of Tuesday. While there is no need to deploy troops yet, he said, Guard members will be standing ready.

Miguel Gutierrez Jr. / The Texas Tribune

Gov. Greg Abbott announced Friday that the state will deploy 1,000 troops from the Texas National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border to aid the federal government with border security efforts.

Malcolm McClendon, flickr.com/thenationalguard

The head of the Texas National Guard says proposed state budget cuts would hurt the guard’s ability to respond quickly to disasters, including wildfires.

“The agency will lose its ability to respond quickly in times of need to large and multiple disasters,” Maj. Gen. John Nichols told the Senate Finance Committee today. “This seed money, if you will, we now use to get our soldiers into disasters quickly, it was cut in half, now leaving enough funding to respond to a single, small disaster.”