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Whittington Loses (Again), But Says He's Not Done;

There's tough, and then there's Texas tough.

Dick Cheney shot him, accidently, and he got back up.

He says the City of Austin took some land that belonged to him, and he fought back. And fought. And fought some more.

Harry Whittingtonlost his Texas Supreme Court case today.  But he says he’s not done, telling KUT News that he’ll likely file a motion for a rehearing of the case.

That's just hours after the court ruled against him in his long-running battle with the City of Austin.  The two sides have beenfighting for over a decade, after the city seized a piece of land from Whittington. The parcel covers a square block next to the convention center. Whittington bought the land in the 1980s. The city took it, paying him more than  $7 million in 2001. Now it's the site of a parking garage for the Austin Convention Center and an Austin Energy facility.

Whittington became well-known outside of Austin in 2006, when he was injured by then Vice President Cheney during a quail hunting trip.