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Feral Foodies: Texas Parks and Wildlife Offers Wild Game Recipes on YouTube
Texas Parks and Wildlife is promoting a series of videos promoting cooking with wild game.

What to do with a feral hog?

After dropping that pesky critter – perhaps while leaning out the door of a hard-banking helicopter over western Hays County, hitting it at nighttime with a .458 SOCOM round from your hog-optimized AR-15 while the pilot lights it up from above – you could just let it lie there.

Or you could make feral hog tacos. 

If slow-cooking feral pork butt over hardwood charcoal doesn't come naturally to you, don't worry. Help is here from Texas Parks and Wildlife. A new video series from Parks and Wildlife features four recipes from local chef Jesse Griffith's book Afield : A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish.

Here's Griffith's recipe for grilled venison: 

Duck yakitori: 

Redfish fried three ways: 

And of course, feral hog tacos: 

In addition to appearing on  the Parks and Wildlife YouTube page, the videos will also appear on the Parks and Wildlife TV show.