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Clean Up in North Texas: 10 Tornadoes Struck Area Overnight

Granburty Destruction .jpg
National Weather Service

Cleanup is underway in North Texas after devastating tornadoes claimed six lives and multiple injuries.

The National Weather Service’s preliminary count says 10 tornadoes stuck North Texas last night. The Fort Worth suburb of Granbury, Texas took some of the worst damage, with damage showing signs of wind gusts up to 260 MPH.

The Insurance Council of Texas reports more details:

The storms began intensifying in Mineral Wells where softball size hail fell.  Mark Wiley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service Southern Region Headquarters in Fort Worth, said he saw photos of the hail in Mineral Wells.  “Holy cow, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Wiley.  “The hail could have been larger than softballs.” The storms continue to move eastward and the fatalities and most damage occurred just south of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Hood, Johnson and Ellis Counties.  Dozens of what were reported as “well-constructed homes” were demolished in each county.  A mile-wide tornado was reported in Cleburne.

The American Red Cross has opened two shelters in the region. They urge all those affected not to return to their homes until an all-clear has been issued. You can read more about their relief efforts

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