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Some Elroy Residents Concerned About F1 Traffic

Photo courtesy Circuit of the Americas

The roads of Southeastern Travis County will be flooded with people when Formula One holds its first Austin race this November. Travis County Commissioners heard from the public today about a mass gathering permit requested by the Circuit of the Americas for the event.

The track is being built near Elroy and there’s some concern over whether existing roads will be able to handle the race day traffic.

Race organizers want an attendance cap of 250,000 people over three days. Elroy resident Cathy Olive thinks the commissioners should lower that.

“Knock that back to 150,000 over a three-day period for this year only until the roads can be improved to handle traffic. COTA will still make money at 150,000 and people can still go to the race. But it will be a safer number of vehicles on the road to manage, " said Olive.

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