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Top Morning Stories January 20, 2011

The Texas Senate has voted to keep its 2/3 rule in place.
Photo by KUT.
The Texas Senate has voted to keep its 2/3 rule in place.

Senate Keeps 2/3 Rule

The Texas Senate adopted its rules for the session yesterday.  It did not make any changes to the rule that requires the consent of two-thirds of the body to bring an issue to the floor.  But senators also kept one exemption to that rule.  Controversial voter ID legislation would only need a simple majority vote to come up for debate.  That legislation would require voters to show photo ID at the polls.  There are 19 Republicans in the state senate, and 12 Democrats.

Amazon Sues Texas

One more step in the battle between Texas and Amazon over uncollected Internet sales taxes.  The Austin American-Statesman is reporting the online retail giant has filed a lawsuit demanding that the comptroller's office release audit information it used to send the company a $269 million bill.  The state contends Amazon should be collecting sales taxes from customers because the company has a physical presence (a distribution center) in Irving, Texas. 

Commission Votes to Develop Capitol Complex Building

The Texas Facilities Commission voted on Wednesday to study the idea of moving Austin state agency offices and employees to the area around the State Capitol, a move that would dramatically expand the complex’s downtown footprint. 

The master plan should be posted on the Commission's website later this afternoon.

Listen to the story below for more details.

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