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Texas Wildfires Easing Up

Photo courtesy of the Austin Fire Department
The Texas Forest Service says it's getting a break from the wildfires that have been burning across the state.

The Texas Forest Service says the last team of out-of-state firefighters is scheduled to leave tomorrow, as the number of active wildfires across Texas shrinks. 

“It has really scaled back quite a bit. Right now, today we’re working on one 500-acre fire in West Texas, but that’s the only major one we are on right now. A few weeks ago we had 20 or more going at a time,” Forest Service spokeswoman April Saginor told KUT News.Though there are fewer fires burning in Texas, firefighters are still on alert.  Extreme fire weather conditions were forecast for West and Northwest Texas today. Wildfire season extends through the summer, and Saginor says federal resources could be tapped again, if needed.

“It could be a case where if the fires pick up again we could bring in additional resources but right now as of today,the locals are able to handle it and get it under control.”

At the height of the fire outbreak, there were about 2,000 firefighters from across the country in Texas helping local firefighters battle the blazes. 

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