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Austin: The Fourth Hardest Working City in the U.S.?

Ever feel like you’re working harder than everybody else? It might be because you are. According to recent rankings from real estate site Movoto, Austin is the fourth hardest-working U.S. city.

Basing results off six separate categories, including hours worked per week and lack of sleep, Motovo lists Seattle as the hardest working city in the states, followed by three Texas cities: Arlington, Fort Worth, and Austin.

Blogger David Cross notes his findings are about as scientific as estimating the fictional worth of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Nonetheless, Austin ranked fourth due in part to its lack of unemployment, hours worked, and volunteerism. Fellow Texas cities rounding out the Top 10: Dallas in seventh place and Houston in 10th.

"What I found striking about this list is that it’s heavy in cities from California and Texas," Cross writes in reference to the top 10 hardest working cities."While there might be a blue state, red state divide between the two, it’s good to know there’s something they can agree on, and that is working hard."

Further down the list, San Antonio and El Paso come in 36th and 45th place.

Roy is a second year journalism professional track graduate student at the University of Texas.
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