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Listen: The Worst Yelp Reviews of Barton Springs and Mount Bonnell

Flickr user David Ingram,
Is Barton Springs totally overrated? According to these contrary Yelp reviews, apparently so.

Mount Bonnell and Barton Springs are two of Austin's eternal treasures –unblemished reminders of Austin's natural beauty.

But to a handful of reviewers on Yelp, they're totally overrated.

Mount Bonnell's scenic overlook rates a solid four stars on Yelp; Austin's crown jewel, Barton Springs Pool, clocks in at four-and-a-half.  But proving you can't please everyone, a collection of contrary reviews offer an antithetical take on these two Austin institutions.

KUT staged dramatic readings of actual one and two-star Yelp reviews. Listen: 

Austinites certainly aren’t shy reviewers: Yelp's used Austin review data to create a map showing the most "hipster" joints in town. And while Yelp's best known for restaurant and service reviews, strange assessments aren’t limited to landmarks – folks have also reviewed Austin's jails.  

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