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For this project, we ask you what you want us to investigate and what stories you'd like us to tell.

Introducing ATXplained

Every day at KUT, we try to think about what you want to know. That’s what drives the decisions we make about the stories we tell. But we wanted to try an experiment to bring you, the audience, closer to the news and storytelling we do at KUT.

So we’re starting a project called ATXplained. Get it? Say it faster. There you go.

The project starts with a simple question: What are you curious about?

Is there something you see every day in or around Austin that you want to know more about? Have you always wondered about some aspect of life in Austin or the people who live here?

It could be something very serious or something totally off the wall.

We want to know what you want to know. And then, we want to explain it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You tell us what you want us to investigate. 
    Examples: How does Mansfield Dam work? Why is traffic always messed up at 6th and Lamar? Why are Austin’s city limits such a weird shape?
  2. Everyone votes on which idea we should investigate next.
  3. A KUT reporter (with the help of the question-asker) will set out to answer that question – and share the results online and on-air.

It sounds like a simple idea, but it’s one we think will help you – and us – better understand Austin.
So give it a try. Ask your question right now:


Matt Largey is the Projects Editor at KUT. That means doing a little bit of everything: editing reporters, producing podcasts, reporting, training, producing live events and always being on the lookout for things that make his ears perk up. Got a tip? Email him at Follow him on Twitter @mattlargey.