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Monday Breaks Cool Weather Record for Mid-August in Austin

Mose Buchele
Kahraman Barut was "shocked" to arrive in Austin in August and find the weather cool and wet.

KahramanBarut is one lucky guy.

He just moved to Austin from Turkey on Sunday, so the unusually cool, wet weather we've been experiencing is all he knows of our local summers.

“I’m really shocked actually," he says. "I wasn’t expecting this."

John Richardson’s lived here 20 years. He can't remember August days this cool and rainy, he says.

"Record lows these days of any kind are very, very rare. [There are a] lot more record highs than lows."

The cool weather comes thanks to a low pressure front from the east, and cooler air from the west, meeting over Texas. The low pressure brought floods and devastation to Louisiana. But, so far, it's provided Austinites with a welcome respite from our usual triple-digit August temperatures.

Monday's high of 75 degrees was the lowest high temperature ever recorded for that day in Austin. In fact, the high on Monday was lower than the low on Saturday.

Try saying that three times fast. 

It almost feels strange that a weather pattern so many people are talking about doesn't have a name – though, the Twitter user suggestion "cool spell Trevor" is a strong contender.

Credit Mose Buchele
Jullianne Ballou dubbed this cold front "Sally."

Standing under an umbrella near UT campus, JullianneBallou has a different suggestion.

"The first name that came to mind is like 'Sally,'" she says. "Because it’s comforting and non-threatening and nice.”

Victor Murphy with the National Weather Service reminds us that even non-named systems can cause flooding. But he says we should enjoy the cool weather while we can. Global climate change means "record lows these days of any kind are very, very rare. [There are a] lot more record highs than lows,” he says.

So thanks, Sally. Just don't flood us out.

Mose Buchele focuses on energy and environmental reporting at KUT. Got a tip? Email him at Follow him on Twitter @mosebuchele.
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