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HB 5 Architect Wants to Leave Implementation to Districts

The author of the new state law overhauling many aspects of public education in Texas says he wants school districts to decide how to implement the new standards, not the State Board of Education.

State Rep. Jimmie Aycock (R-Killeen) told the Board Friday that HB 5 was crafted to give local school boards flexibility in establishing paths to graduation. But he’s concerned the SBOE will create too many requirements that will counteract the goal of the bill. He wants to leave it local school districts.

“If you make a bad decision on a local board, it affects one community. If you make one decision that’s not great in Austin, you affect 5 million children," Aycock said.

The new law lets students choose a path to graduate. Some paths lead students to college. Others focus more on vocational job training. Aycock said in a state the size of Texas, it’s difficult to establish requirements that fit all students.

“It’ll look different along the coast and the marine activities. It’ll look different in the oil patch. You’ll see a variety of opportunities if you listen to the workforce needs around the state," said Aycock.

The law also reduces the number of end-of-course exams high school students have to take from 15 to five.

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