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How Kendrick Lamar Can Teach Students About Beowulf

Courtesy of Words Liive
Sage Salvo is the creator of Words Liive, a curriculum program that uses hip hop to teach literature and poetry. He's pitching his program at SXSW Edu this week.

Disclosure: KUT is a sponsor of SXSW Edu

What do the works of Edgar Allen Poe and Jay-Z have in common?

A lot, argues Gilbert Perkins,who goes by his stage name: Sage Salvo.

Salvo is an artist and poet from Washington D.C., but he’s also developed a curriculum called Words Liive. It uses rap and hip-hop to teach major themes and devices in poetry and literature – everything from similes and metaphors to epic poems and motifs in novels. Salvo is pitching his curriculum in Austin this week for SXSWedu and stopped by KUT to talk about his curriculum.

Salvo is also pitching an app to go along with the curriculum. He's launching a kickstarter campaign this week to raise money to develop it. 

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