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Austin Takes Nominations for Tree of the Year

Photo by KUT News
Today's the last day to nominate a tree to be honored as Austin's "Tree of the Year" for 2011.

"I think that I shall never see/A poem as lovely as a tree," wrote Joyce Kilmer almost a century ago. The City of Austin is taking nominations for the loveliest of trees to honor as the 2011 "Tree of the Year."

Today's the last day to nominate a tree to be this year's honoree. The tree can be in any part of Austin. It can be any species of tree, but there are some eligibility requirements.

"It has to be accessible from a public area," said Leah Haynie, the project manager for the Tree of the Year program. "So, for example,  something that would not be accessible would be in someone's back yard. But, if it's in someone's front yard, and you can see it from the street or from the sidewalk, then it's eligible."  She adds that the tree can be on public property, like in a park or at a school.

Last year, a spreading live oak tree at St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Central Austin took top honors.