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Watch: This Austin Filmmaker Documents 2012 With One Amazing Second a Day

Jonathan Britnell,
A local filmmaker's short has gone viral on Vimeo.

With 295,000 views and counting on video site Vimeo, the popularity of the video “2012. 366 days. 366 seconds.” isn’t slowing down.

Made by Austin filmmaker Jonathan Britnell, the video captures moments around Austin and in Britnell’s life. Each day of the 2012 leap year gets one second, making the video 366 seconds long. 

“The main reason I decided to do it was just to try to be more creative, just to try to do something creative everyday,” Britnell says.

2012. 366 days. 366 seconds. from Jonathan Britnell on Vimeo.

Footage in the video ranges from detailed to abstract. One shot, for instance, captures the juice leaping from a fruit as a fork dives in. Others frame the iconic Austin skyline. There's 

The project made 2012 Britnell’s most memorable year. “I remember something about every single day of last year, which I can’t say about any other year of my life,” he says. 

He says he’s shocked by how popular the video became. Britnell has been producing similar videos on a single week for a while now, but those only got 500 views.

“When I uploaded this one, I thought maybe I could get 1,000 views,” Britnell said. “I’ve just been blown away by all the different websites and places that have posted about it. I was not expecting it at all.”

Britnell said he is taking January off from making creative videos to plan for his next project.

“2012. 366 days. 366 seconds.” is set to the song “Thunder Clatter" by Wild Cub, a band that will perform at SXSW this year.

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