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Austin Graffiti Artists Go To Work in this Awesome Time-Lapse Video

Highfield Media
A still from “Start Fresh: Never Give Up,” a digital short documenting graffiti art at Austin’s Hope Outdoor Gallery. ";s:3:

Think of the Austin skyline as a canvas. Despite all those cranes and construction, it doesn’t change very much on a day-to-day basis.

AndrewTakano’s very familiar with the skyline’s appearance. He filmed and produced two time-lapse videos documenting the city: a haunting tour of the city at night, and an amazing journey through downtown, sunrise through sunset.

In his latest time-lapse video, “Start Fresh: Never Give Up,” he turns to a much more dynamic medium: the HOPE Outdoor Gallery at Castle Hill. 

Start Fresh: Never Give Up from Andrew Takano on Vimeo.

Slated for a since-stalled development project, the lot’s concrete walls were entrusted to a slate of Austin graffiti artists. (Here’s more about it and other Austin street art.)

Shot this fall in-between his doctoral engineering classes at the University of Texas, Takano says the artists he met “were welcoming enough to allow me into their world to spend time shooting footage of them doing what they do best.” You can read Takano’s remarks – and learn more about the eight artists in the video – on the clip’s Vimeo page.

It’s another impressive clip from someone for whom film is still a hobby. “There were so many days this semester where the conditions were perfect for a certain kind of shot, and I had a meeting to attend or a class to teach,” he tells KUT News. “I'm excited to have the flexibility in my schedule to do more shooting over the winter break, for sure.” 

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