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Mother Falcon's Music Laboratory

For the past few years, the band Mother Falcon has been operating a summer camp for young musicians. The many members of the band are still pretty young themselves, but when they were even younger, they spend their summers at various music camps, so the idea of starting their own seemed like a natural.

They aim to encourage creative musical thinking, guided by their camp motto, "Musicality over Technicality." During each week-long session, the students are divided up into bands with diverse instrumentation, where they'll hopefully encourage one another to experiment and broaden their creative horizons. Each sessions ends with a showcase concert by the kids, during which they'll play original songs, covers, and do a little jamming. 

This year, the Austin Creative Alliance is sponsoring the Music Lab, which will allow them to offer a larger number of scholarships for kids who might otherwise have trouble coming up with the registration fee. Camp director Matt Puckett says "If you're excited about the camp... get in touch and just let us know. Because if that excitement's there, we want to do everything we can to make the rest of it work."

Mother Falcon's Music Laboratory at All Saint's Episcopal Church July 14 - 19 July 28 - August 1 Registration open now

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