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Jason Phelps and Company Create "Feast of My Heart"

"Feast of My Heart" is a solo performance piece, but it's far from a one-person artistic effort. The show will be performed by Jason Phelps, who has called upon two dozen of his fellow artists to help create the vision.

The project started with one question: "What does it mean to engage in an act of compassion?" Phelps posed this question to eight playwrights (Kirk Lynn, C. Denby Swanson, Zell Miller, Daniel Alexander Jones, Ruth Margraff, Erik Ehn, Lisa D’Amour, and Josh Meyer & Matt Hislope), and asked them to write anything they wanted. He then called upon eight directors (Shawn Sides, Jenny Larson, Ken Webster, Amparo Garcia-Crow, Christi Moore, Lowell Bartholomee, Vicky Boone, and Margery Segal) to help create the eight performance pieces. 

Phelps ended up with eight distinct performance pieces that include monologues, dances, and even a short film. During the run of "Feast of My Heart," Salvage Vanguard will also display eight works of visual art inspired by the performance pieces, created by Leon Alessi, Stella Alessi, Carl Smith, Shannon McCormic, Tim Mateer, Lee Webster, Gretchen Phillips, and Sarah Bork Hamilton.

50% of all ticket sales for "Feast of My Heart" will be donated to the Sustainable Food Center.

See "Feast of My Heart" at Salvage Vanguard Theater

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