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Experience '100 Heartbreaks' at the Sahara Lounge

100 Heartbreaks was originally performed as a one-woman show in Seattle some eight years ago. After that run, writer and performer Joanna Garner found herself, like her heroine Chalane Tucker, longing to play with a real-deal band. 

Following a move to Austin and some tinkering with the script, Garner's now starring in a new-and-improved, expanded version of the show. No longer a solo project, 100 Heartbreaks now features a full cast and band, under the direction of Jess Hutchison and musical direction of Peter Stopchinski.

The heart of the story remains the same, though. Aspiring country singer Charlane Tucker, determined to be taken seriously in Nashville, has decided to build her "country cred" the hard way: by getting her heart broken 100 times in order to fully live the old-school country lifestyle.

See '100 Heartbreaks' at the Sahara Lounge.

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