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The Daily Buzz is a “festival only” radio show. We travel to film festivals year-round and interview some of the most important indie voices, partner with NPR affiliate and local community radio stations and aim to deliver these conversations to cinephiles, fans and moviegoers everywhere.The show is in its fifth year, and the Daily Buzz has interviewed some of the most important voices in the entertainment industry: more than 500 guests ranging from directors, actors, producers, festival directors and journalists in the independent film world.The Daily Buzz partnered with KUT this year to provide coverage of the 2015 SXSW Festival. This week, The Daily Buzz is broadcasting from the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) — which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Toronto, Canada — and interviewing independent and international filmmakers. Daily Buzz at the Toronto International Film Festival is made possible with support from Production Legal, Cloud Electronics, Soundcloud, ENKI NY and Angry Porcupine.

The Daily Buzz at TIFF, Episode 6

From 'Magallanes.'

Daily Buzz catches up with director Salvador Del Solar and actor Christian Meier (Magallanes) in the lobby of the Hotel Intercontinental while they are in Toronto promoting their film. Magallanes made its international debut at the 40th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival last week and Daily Buzz host/producer Irene Cho talks with Del Solar and Meier about why it took 8 years to bring the project to the screen, why they never gave up, what it was like working together as friends who grew up together in Peru, how the film has triggered a political movement at home, and what it really means to them to have the support of Peruvians and Latin Americans.

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