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Watching and Waiting: Rick Perry 2012

Photo by Ian Crawford for KUT News.
Gov. Rick Perry's recent road trips have raised his profile among potential and actual candidates for the GOP presidential nomination.

Today, we break out a brand new daily (well...we hope daily) look at the news surrounding Governor Rick Perry and his possible jump into the 2012 Presidential race. Watch this site for a rundown of the day's reports and rumors surrounding an anticipated run.

Now one reason people believe the Governor is running has been his recent travel. He's been out of the state several times recently, showing up at high visibility events and giving speeches on national topics (like how poorly he thinks the President is doing). Here's a way to track where he's been and why he was there from our friends over at the Texas Tribune.

It looks like all that travel has help the governor raise his national profile. A new Republican primary poll by FOX News which includes both official and unofficial candidates has Perry in 2nd place. Just 5% behind former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The L.A. Times has a story on the relationship between Gov. Perry and the last Texas governor to live in the White House (that's George W. Bush, for those taking this quiz at home). The article talks about how some Democratic strategists are trying to tie Perry to President Bush. But that the two are very different, and they have a fairly tense relationship.

And, finally, the governor put out a fundraising e-mail yesterday that, while asking for money for his STATE account, mentioned President Obama.

"Governor Perry has provided a clear blueprint that other states could follow, including an unshakeable commitment to doing the exact opposite of the job-killing, overreaching policies of President Obama."

I'm pretty sure the President isn't running for a state office.

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